See what people are saying and join the conversation. P. Wettenhall, D. Charlesworth 37pts, R. Tyson 36pts, N. T. P. 2nd P. Boreham, 4th G. Dance, 13th L. Ritson, super pin W. Stone. {"tpl":"club","vars":["llanherne-golf-club"]}. Moore 40 M Mahony 39 P. Richardson 37 , C/B P. Thomsom L. Ritson 36 H. Steele 35 H. McCrum 34 , D. Brown 21, W. Quarrell , K. Joseph 19c/b, prizes down to 18points, P. Page 20, A. Kerslake 19, J. Patten 19, prizes down to 17points, R. Bedelph 22, M. Chandler, B. Holloway 21, prizes down to 17c/b, K. Wilson 41, G. Cuthbert 39, R. Heron 39, 2nd J. Heron, 11th M. Williams, 13th B. Carman, super pin G. Baxter and T. Paprotny, 62.5 M Pearce D Moir B Phillips Gross 68 M Hall G Campbell, Nett 63&5/6 M Clarke Greg Reid Mark Campbell, 65.5 L Knott E Knott 66 L Griggs R Wall 66.5 N Williams G Williams 66.75 P Page M Hellinga, 67.5 B Bannister G Wright T Pennington A Rowbottom 67.75 G Quarrell A Paul 68 W Stone P Stone, 2nd T Young 4th G Campbell G Quarrell 13th Super Pin J Squibb, M. Campbell 26, G. Geard 21, R. Wilson 20c/b, prizes down to 18pointsN. P: +61 3 6248 6161. Exclusive golf course information, specifications and golf course details at Llanherne Golf Club. The Llanherne Golf Club is located north-east of Hobart near the beach side town of Seven Mile Beach. Try splitting itineraries, rather than creating one large itinerary. 132 Surf Rd 7170 . 15.14 km. Rice, Sat 8th Oct - Stableford A Grade 1st 37pts C Woodham on a count back 2nd 37pts W Stone on a count back, 3rd 37pts K Shepherd on a count back B Grade 1st G Roberts on a count back 2nd 37pts M Smith on a count back, 3rd 37pts S Manser on a count back C Grade 1st 40pts Duncan Young on a count back 2nd 40pts G Curtis, 3rd 37pts B Shearman Prize Winners 37pts D Roberts 36pts G Reid D Patten J Rice R Dyson G Williams P Burdon, 35pts Dean Young 34pts Mark Campbell G Barwick L Griggs D Harrison Malcolm Campbell N Collins NTP 2nd G Curtis, 4th E Hart 13th Scott Godfrey 11th Super Pin P Wettenhall Eagle 5th D Roberts 9th R Dyson, M. Are you sure you want to end this friendship? 4.5 (340) $3199. mScorecard is the ultimate golf scorecard, statistics and GPS software. Daytime maximum temperatures between 15 and 22 . Long, P. Galligan 18, prizes down to 17points, G. Wisby, L. Green 22, B. Holloway 21c/b, prizes down to 19points, J. Heron 42, A. Turner 38, W. Quarrell 37, S. Coollidge 42, G. Voss 41, J. Fitzgerald 37, 2nd I. Latham, 11th G. Baxter, 13th P. Boreham, super pin J. Woodroffe, R/Up H. Golfclub Mnchen-Riem is located closest to the city centre. If you intend visiting any of these clubs we suggest you arrange for proof of membership/handicap to present if asked. There is no user media of this club. Provides access to meteorological images of the Australian weather watch radar of rainfall and wind. 9. It contains four par three, four par five and ten par four holes. see results These cookies will be used in accordance with our privacy policy. Yellow - Thursday and Nine Hole Competitions. Box 153Rosny ParkTAS Llanherne Golf Club. Forward 79, E. Longo & P. Grubb 78, prizes down to 71points, N. T. P 2nd P. Partridge, 4th I. Latham, 13th C. Trevena, Super pin I. Latham, Nett Winner M. Bresnehan 68 C/B P. Thomson 68 G. Armitage 69 J. Tatnell 71 C/B S. Ham B. Moles , Gross 159 R Dyson & G Quarrell in a play off, Div 1 Gross 159 R Dyson & G Quarrell Gross R/U 163 T North & D Young Nett 150 D Roberts & R Wall, Div 2 Gross 185 S Godfrey & D Charlesworth Gross R/U 187 S Askew & G Schmull, Nett 151 M Mahoney & P Richardson Nett R/U 159 C Mulligan & F Weedon Vets Gross 159 R Dyson & G Quarrell, Gross R/U 175 D Radcliffe & B Bannister Nett 151 M Mahony & P Richardson Nett R/U 152 S Askew & G Schmull, Div 1 37pts P Pennington 36pts A Rowbottom on a count back 36pts C Woodham, Div 2 44pts P Stone 41pts P Burdon 38pts T van der Staay on a count back Prize Winners 36pts S Wilde, NTP 2nd J Fitzgerald 4th J Rice 13th L Griggs 11th Super Pin D Earley, B. Moles 22, L. Giggs 21, J. Milkulski 20c/b,prizes down to 18points, E. Clayton 22, M. O' Connor, T. Cracknell 20c/b, prizes down to 18points, I. Latham 22, I. Cordwell, B. Mc Shane 21, prizes 18c/b, N. T. P. 2nd G. Baxter, 4th P. Wettenhall, 13th P. Howard, Super pin P. Howard, Gross 75 R Dyson G Quarrell 79 R Wall D Roberts, Nett 74 R Dyson G Quarrell 74.5 R Wall D Roberts, Nett 72 M Mahony P Richardson 75.5 B Deardon R Geeves, Gross 75 R Dyson G Quarrell 89 D Radcliffe B Bannister, Nett R/U 71 D Harrison on a count back, 2nd B Phillips 4th D Webber 13th L Griggs 11th Super Pin T Pennington, P. Galligan 24, S. Hayward, M. Hodge 23, prizes down to 19points, S. Askey 23, P. Miller 22, I. Latham 20c/b, prizes 18points c/b, T. Collins 40, M. Pearce, P. Richardson 37, N. T. P. 2nd G. Grant, 4th J. Woodroffe, 11th J. Goggins, super pin J. Goggins, R/Up M. Justin Thomas lifted the star-studded Seminole Pro-Member Gross Division trophy alongside Mike Walrath. Cape Fear National is an award-winning championship course with 18 holes of premium public access golf in a setting of unmatched natural beauty. Forward & L. Targett , Winner Foursomes: P. Skinner & S. Ham nett 68 , R/Up J. Vittoria 29pts, S. Heyward 23pts, R. Flint 22pts, prizes down to 18pts, T. Walpole, D. Moir 22pts, R. Wilson 21pts c/b, prizes down to 18pts. Yamato Innovative Golf Grips 13 Pack Midsize/Standardsize Golf Club Grips, All-Weather Firm Control And High Performance Grips Provides Superior Comfort And Responsiveness,4 colors Available. Cunningham 69 L. Targett/G. By creating an account on Discover Tasmania, you agree to the terms of use outlined in ourPrivacy Statement. We honour the uninterrupted care, protection and belonging to these islands, skies and waterways, before the invasion and colonisation of European settlement. G. Schmull 22pts, S. Hayward, A. Mc Cann 21pts c/b, prizes down to 17pts c/b, J. Moltzen 22pts, D. Young 20pts, prizes down to 18pts, B. Rogers 24pts, M. Grant 23pts, T. Jarvis 21pts c/b, prizes down to 18pts c/b, J. Heron 38pts, B. Bannister 37pts, M. Armstrong 36pts, R. Dresser 40pts, S. Ham 37pts, C. Trevena 36pts, NTP 2nd R. Dresser, 4th G. Cuthbert, 13th M. Williams, super pin jackpot, T. Stearns, A. Wilson, D. Harrold 21pts, prizes down to 17pts c/b, A. McCann 23 pts, T. Howard , H. Steele 20 pts, prizes down to 18pts, S. Ware 22pts, M. Chandler, J. Marais 21pts c/b, prizes down to 17pts c/b, M. Hall 36pts, A. Belbin, R. Blackwood 35pts c/b, P. Vincent 37pts c/b, K. Griffith 37pts, J. Milne 36pts, NTP 2nd M. Hall, 4th M. Modinger, 13th B. Bannister, super pin A. Herbert, Sat 14th Jan - Pinehurst 1st Nett 63 J Shepherd & K Shepherd on a count back, 3rd Nett 65 J Pregnell & S Platt on a count back, Prize Winners Nett 65 J Heron & R Heron 65.5 G Thompson & J Mikulski M Hall & M Smith, 66 D Young & T Young 66.5 G Jones & P Partridge G Reid & M Clarke 67.5 I Cordwell & G Wisby, 68 M Grant & T Jarvis F Kershaw & M Campbell 68.5 P Wettenhall & B Bannister, 69.5 G Campbell & M Pearce G Davy & G Voss, NTP 2nd F Weedon 4th T Paprotny 13th A McGuinness 11th Super Pin T Jarvis, January Monthly Medal Winner Nett 70 G Davy on a count back, A Grade Nett 70 B Bannister on a count back Gross 70 D Roberts, B Grade Nett 70 Scott Godfrey Gross 87 S Platt, C Grade Nett 70 G Davy Gross 94 F Kershaw, Prize Winners Nett 70 G Barwick 72 A Paul 73 D Young, 74 D Johnston G Whittle M Clark I Cordwell P Woodham R Dresser, 75 G Quarrell G Campbell M Hall J Fitzgerald T van der Staay S Manser, NTP 2nd D Roberts 4th D Patten 13th Geoff Jones, A. Paul 22pts, W. Mollross, C. Perkins 21pts c/b, prizes down to 17pts c/b, NTP G. Geard, R. Wade, N. Hewlett, B. Rogers, W. Quarrell 22pts, prizes down to 18pts c/b, NTP B. Seven Mile Beach. Brown 22, B. Phillips 21c/b, prizes down to 18points c/b, M. Pearce 41, T. Field 39, T. Cameron 38c/b, N. T. P 2nd S. Carter, 4th B. Deardon, 13th A. Herbert, 11th super pin M. Milne, NTP 2nd G Campbell 4th T Jarvis 13th G Baxter 11th Super Pin J Pregnell, Friday 2/9/22P. We acknowledge the Aboriginal people who continue to care for this country today. Keep pace with the group in front of you at all times. 132 SURF ROAD, 7170 Hobart - Australia. Llanherne Stableford DIV1 WINNER, A Turner (38) RUNNER UP D Reid (37) DIV2 WINNER M Kohl (38) RUNNER UP T Puckerin (37) DIV 3 WINNER M Ross (41), RUNNER UP D Apps (37), BALL WINNERS, G Brumby, D Post, G Jones (36), P Pearce, S Booth, M Chandler (35), P O'Keefe, G Wright, F Kershaw, N Mangels, B Bannister (34) NTP 2/11 J Fitzgerald, 4/13 Phone:Club House 6248 7711Location:100 Grueber AvenueSeven Mile BeachTAS 7170Postal Address:P.O. GOLF CART SERVICES / E-Z-GO Player of the Week : BRENDAN McKINNEY Super Seniors Skins Super Super Sr. = 12 @ $15 = $180 (Ages 66 & Up) Llanherne Golf Club132 Surf Road, 7170 Seven Mile Beach, Australia, Phone: +61 3.6248.7711 Rumbold , L. Lacy 22, G. Whittle 21, prizes down to 18points, T. Sperring 20, S. Collidge 18c/b, prizes down to 17c/b, S. Collidge 23, D. Harrold 22, L. Lacy 21c/b, prizes down to 18points c/b, C. Perkins & B. Carman 80pts, J. Ferguson & I. Latham 78pts, L. Ritson & D. Kelly 75pts c/b, prizes down to 71points, N. T. P. 2nd J. Heron, 4th P. Wettenhall, 13th C. Perkins, super pin C. Perkins, Mora Mahony 68, Ann Forward 69, Joan Tatnell 71, DTL Heather Mac Crum, Helen Steele 73, Margaret Dix 74, DTL Liz Thorne 34, Lyn Cengia 35, Linda Ritson 36, Sat 1st October - Stroke Monthly Medal Winner Nett 69 F Kershaw on a count back, A Grade Nett 69 M Milne Gross 76 T North Nett R/U 70 D Johnston, B Grade Nett 69 Scott Godfrey Gross 83 N Bennett Nett R/U 70 J Fitzgerald, C Grade Nett 69 F Kershaw Gross 94 Greg Reid Nett R/U 73 S Ham, Prize Winners Nett 70 N Roberts 71 D Charlton 72 G Voss D Harrison, 73 D Patten G Barwick G Wright D Worledge J Patten 74 B Phillips B Bannister D Quinn, 75 L Knott K Shepherd T Hall G Hayers P Skinner D Webber T Paprotny M Campbell on a count back, NTP 2nd Geoffrey Jones 4th D Harrison 13th C Reid 11th Super Pin D Reid, A. Golf Club was originally established on land within the Hobart property airport boundary by a group of airport employees and interested members from the local community under a lease agreement with the Commonwealth Government. Rice, Ann Forward 70, P. Richardson 72, Wendy Cunningham 75, DTL Angela Suris 75, Philippa Skinner , Janet Hercykowski 76, R. Warren 22pts, W. Quarrell, C. Langdon 21pts c/b, prizes down to 18pts, J. Squibb 21pts, S. Cottrell 20pts, S. Collidge 19pts c/b, prizes down to 18pts, P. Grinsted 22pts, J. Dobie, A. Woodward 21pts, prizes down to 17pts c/b, G. Baxter & M. Milne 71pts, E. Hart & G. Reid 68pts, F. Weedon & D. Patten 67pts, prizes down to 63pts c/b, NTP 2nd G. Cuthbert, 4th G. Dance, 13th M. Milne, super pin P. Page, A Grade 41pts A Paul 38pts M Campbell 37pts D Roberts, B Grade 38pts C Reid 36pts F Weedon on a count back 36pts G Dance, C Grade 36pts G Dahl 34pts Greg Reid 33pts M Horne, Prize Winners 35pts G Campbell 34pts Graham Reid D Charlesworth, P Grinsted N Pedley R Wilson 33pts P Galligan A Rowbottom B Phillips on a count back, NTP 2nd G Campbell 4th C Woodham 13th D Roberts 11th Super Pin D Roberts, R. Warren, R. Clark 22pts, L. Young 21pts c/b, prizes down to 17pts c/b, P. Leach 22pts, W. Mollross, D. Young 20pts c/b, prizes down to 18pts, D. Eiszele 23 pts, T. Polglase 22pts, R. Thorne 21pts c/b, P. Howard 38pts, A. Belbin, P. Pearce 37pts, P. Skinner, M. Bresnehan, J. Herczykowski 36pts, NTP 2nd J. Broadcast simultaneously on WBAI-FM radio in New York City, New York. Address Llanherne Golf Club 132 Surf Rd, Seven Mile Beach TAS 7170 Australia Phone +61 3 6248 7711 Email Web Info Public: Yes Holes: 9 Par: 72 Length: 5978 metres Slope: 124 Course rating: 120 Social media Visit Llanherne Golf Club social media accounts Danielle Kang leading on rain-affected Friday, Cleveland Golf releases additional RTX 6 ZipCore finishes, Sentosa Golf Club becomes worlds first carbon neutral golf club, Jon Rahm closes eagle-birdie-birdie for two-shot lead at Bay Hill. Miller 21, M. Geeves, C. Pearce 20, prizes down to 18points, A. Kerslake 22, D. Young, R. Thorne 21, prizes down to 19points, N. Harwood 25, J. Mikulski 21, K. Shepherd 20c/b, S. Ham D. Worledge 40, J. Schupp 39, B. We honour their stories, songs, art, and culture, and their aspirations for the future of their people and these lands. Events & Results. Slope Ratings are 124 for Members White(Social), 120 for Yellow, and 118 for Ladies Red. 1991 san diego state football roster, mtg play any number of lands, what does fdsr mean on a radar detector,

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